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Historic Westbank Association

How YOU can Help


Your input is important, and Westbank needs your support.

Even though our council has allowed Westbank as a valid alternate for the V4T area, the gradual shift and migration to using the West Kelowna address, as the change comes about, will only create confusion. Changing residents' personal, business, legal documents, and signs will involve a gigantic expense, not to mention the costs to BC taxpayers for replacing highway signs. Our town is being erased from official maps, and Westbank is often referred to as West Kelowna by local media and in business advertising. This is not the case in Winfield or Oyama. These towns have both maintained their place, as small towns, in the District of Lake Country.

We ask nothing less for Westbank, BC V4T.

We want our town back! The Westbank Town Centre Strategy Plan (CD Zone - Land Use Plan) - further documentation here - does not represent the whole town as we once knew it - with the boundaries established by the V4T postal code and the Westbank Electoral Area.


* Contact Mayor, Council Members and Staff - see the listings below.
* Phone, email, fax and write letters requesting that District Council respect and encourage Westbank to remain a vibrant town in the District.
* Continue using the Westbank address on your mailing and business advertising.
* Get involved with Citizens for a Historic Westbank. We welcome your participation!
* Get a Westbank Bumper Sticker! Ask for them at your local stores.
* Thank local businesses for using Westbank on their advertising and address.

If you do nothing...then we may lose the crucial identity which this Gateway Community has represented in the Okanagan for over 100 years.

Contact information for the District of West Kelowna:

For more information on what the Historic Westbank Association is all about we would invite you to view our "about us" page.

Attention Westbank Businesses

Important Information


Do you know the many benefits of advertising your business using the Westbank address?

For more information check out our business brochure for more details.

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Learn More About Westbank


Check out the Westbank History Sketches by Gordon H. Ficke for more history of Westbank.