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Westbank is currently a legal and valid alternate address for all V4T residents and businesses, including those on Westbank First Nation lands. No resident or business within the V4T area is required to change their address from Westbank. This has been established by the District of West Kelowna Council and the Westbank First Nation's Council.

District of West Kelowna Council has made it clear that the use of the Westbank address is only temporary. (Listen for yourself and see what you think.) Directions below: This is why it is crucial for the Town of Westbank to be recognized on the (OCP) Official Community Plan and local records, with cooperation by the District Council.

To Confirm our Mayor and Council's discussion regarding the official West Kelowna designation with Canada Post, please take the time to listen and watch the Council Webcast from the August 18, 2009 Council meeting.

A quick link to the appropriate DWK location for the video is here. (Scroll down to "Archives" section and select the appropriate date.)

A quick link to the minutes of the meeting in PDF format is here.

The half hour discussion, including the delegation by Citizens for a Historic Westbank begins at: 2:52:15 on the time scroll.

We encourage you to watch the whole discussion, but highlights can be accessed at the following stops on the time scroll.

Councilor Neis: 3:13:15 and 3:24:30 and 3:25:42
"We are either West Kelowna or not.."
"It is unfair, in my opinion, to allow one portion of our community a special consideration that isn't afforded to everyone."

Mayor Findlater: 3:17:58
"I've been using West Kelowna on my mailing address and other documents personally for some time....I think it's something that has to come.... This should be a gradual process. It should be a migration...I believe that West Kelowna will be universally adopted over time, but I think we have to make sure, because these are, if you want to call them legacy addresses, they remain in use for a period of time."

"Keep our town prosperous by supporting its vibrant history!"

For more information on what the Historic Westbank Association is all about we would invite you to view our "about us" page.

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Do you know the many benefits of advertising your business using the Westbank address?

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Check out the Westbank History Sketches by Gordon H. Ficke for more history of Westbank.